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Babies & Toddlers for Men: 101 Tips

by Mark Woods

Crimson Publishing

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Babies & Toddlers for Men: 101 Tips

Book Formats and Details

  • Paperback
    Publication Date 9/17/2012
    ISBN 9781908281319
    Retail Price £5.99
    Trim Size 138 x 158 mm
    Page Count 128
    Image Count
    Reading Level
    Rights Available World
    Rights Sold Chinese - simplified (China)


So you navigated the maze of pregnancy and emerged unscathed out the other side. Now it’s time to do the most important, amazing job in the world: be a dad!

For the next few years you’re going to be dealing with potty training, tantrums and dirty nappies. But don’t worry, 101 Baby and Toddler Tips for Men brings you the top tips for coping with your child for the next three years. There are tips for all important events and special occasions from taking your home and baby’s first step to coping with the terrible twos. 101 Baby and Toddler Tips for Men brings you essential bite-size tips for all situations in your new baby’s life.

Both practical and funny,  Mark Woods guides you through three years of joy, fear and prams, teaching you what men need to know with bite-size tips for every occasion.


Written in an original style, these new pocket-sized guides are crammed with tips for dads and soon-to-be dads.

'This simple guide features lots of interesting facts and tips... I enjoyed opening it up when I had a spare 5 such as how playing peekaboo can help your baby deal with separation anxiety are great to know,'

About the Author

Mark Woods joined Comic Relief in 2003 and is Head of Creative and Chief Writer. Author of best-selling Pregnancy for Men Mark lives with Sarah and his sons, aged 3 and 1, in south-west London.

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