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Babies and Toddlers for Men

From Newborn to Nursery

by Mark Woods

Crimson Publishing

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Babies and Toddlers for Men

Book Formats and Details

  • Paperback
    Publication Date 2/13/2012
    ISBN 9781905410910
    Retail Price £10.99
    Trim Size 138 x 216 mm
    Page Count 288
    Image Count
    Reading Level
    Rights Available World
    Rights Sold Chinese - simplified (China)


Becoming a father is a moment in a man's life like no other.  

The love, the pride, the joy and occasionally the fear stirred up inside us by the complex little being that moves into our home and our relationship takes some serious getting used to.  

And then there's the really tough stuff like putting up a travel cot and installing a car seat.  

Despite all this though we are often given more advice when we buy a phone than when we become a Dad...until now.  

This is the indispensable manual every new dad needs from newborn to nursery, this is  Babies and Toddlers for Men.  

Written by Mark Woods, author of the best selling Pregnancy for Men and proud father of two, this utterly readable guide tells you how it is in a frank and funny way that will leave you educated and energised to take on the next amazing stage of being a Dad.


"Mark Woods shares his early experiences of fatherhood and assures us men do find parenting as dauntingly wonderful as women." - The Sun 

"A must for Daddies everywhere...and for Mummies too!" - Davina McCall

"An amusing and informative book for any prospective parents to read, learn and gain an understanding of the first 3 years. A realistic approach for parents to learn what happens at the birth, the baby's first few months and the challenges through to being a toddler. For a new parent to be it would be a great preparation for the whole new world they are about to encounter." - BabyWorld

About the Author

Mark Woods joined Comic Relief in 2003 and is Head of Creative and Chief Writer. Author of best-selling Pregnancy for Men Mark lives with Sarah and his sons, aged 3 and 1, in south-west London.

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