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Choosing Your A Levels

and other academic options

by Cerys Evans

Crimson Publishing

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Choosing Your A Levels

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  • Paperback
    Publication Date 8/21/2012
    ISBN 9781844554263
    Retail Price £12.99
    Trim Size 156 x 234 mm
    Page Count 272
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Not sure what to do after your GCSEs? Are you overwhelmed by the options?

Choosing Your A Levels is the only impartial guide which will clearly provide you with all your options post-16. Whether you have decided to study A Levels, an advanced diploma or any other further education qualification, this comprehensive guide will help you take the next steps in your education. If you want more advice on which subjects to take or whether you want to learn more about how they are structured, Choosing Your A Levels provides you with all the information you need to make tough choices and continue into further education. Containing the latest information on AS Levels this book will successfully guide you into further education.

Choosing Your A Levels is easy to navigate if you want information about a particular qualification or as a detailed overview of all the major post-16 further education options. Inside you'll find:

• Guidance on choosing the right qualification for you and indications of what the different qualifications can lead to
• A directory of subjects by qualification for quick reference
• Exam tips and preparation to ease the pressure
• Advice to help you succeed when you get there

Students all have different strengths, so Choosing Your A Levels explains the involvement and details of each qualification showing how each qualification suits different learning styles. This means you have all the information you need at your fingertips to make a personal and informed choice matching yourself with a qualification that works with your strengths, whether they are practical skills or personal attributes, for a successful post-16 education.

For more help and advice on choosing other post-16 qualifications please see other titles in the series; Choosing Your Apprenticeship and Choosing Your Diploma.


'The book is well laid out, easy to use and full of well thought out tips all of which are a great help... the really interesting part to us was the explanation of how these courses would work when it came to degree choices and how universities would view various subjects...I would have no problem recommending it to parents and their children,'

About the Author

Cerys Evans is a practising Careers Adviser and member of the Careers Writers’ Association. She frequently works with international students, giving her an understanding of the complex range of questions that arise when deciding whether to study overseas.

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