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Business Nightmares

Hitting rock bottom and coming out on top

by Rachel Elnaugh

Crimson Publishing

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Business Nightmares

Book Formats and Details

  • Paperback
    Publication Date 4/15/2009
    ISBN 9781854584748
    Retail Price £7.99
    Trim Size 129 x 198 mm
    Page Count 256
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Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur and founder of Red Letter Days, announces her book Business Nightmares. Brought to fame as the original female Dragon in the BBC TV cult business show Dragons' Den, Rachel had achieved success at the helm of the a multi-million-pound company. Here, for the first time in her own words, Rachel speaks about her dramatic fall from grace and the spectacular, high-profile collapse of her market-leading business, Red Letter Days. Rachel has used her experiences to persuade 20 of the world’s most successful business personalities including Jeffrey Archer, Simon Woodroffe, Doug Richard and Gerald Ratner to talk about their own troubled times in business. Here in Business Nightmares they divulge what it felt like in their darkest hour, and how they faced the dawn…


A valuable check-list of what not to do in business, and how to create plans for worst-case scenarios --Esquire Elnaugh talks frankly about her fall from grace --Virgin Radio A warning of the bear traps that wait in line for business owners --Stephanie Welstead, Growing Business magazine

About the Author

Rachel Elnaugh is one of the UK's most high-profile entrepreneurs and often features in business news. She is well known publicly as the original female dragon, who advised and invested in small businesses on the BBC's popular show Dragons' Den. However, Rachel's name really hit the business headlines in 2005, when her business, Red Letter Days spectacularly collapsed. The irony of this business failure was splashed across national newspapers and television. Today she is a successful mentor and consultant to a number of small businesses, as well as being an accomplished business speaker at events across the UK. Most recently, Rachel has drawn upon her experiences to write her amazing new book: Business Nightmares. Losing Red Letter Days was a nightmare time for Rachel and her family. Not only had she suddenly lost her business and income and was having to cope with the intrusion of reporters outside her house, but she was also seven months pregnant with her fourth child. Both Rachel and her children also endured the humiliation of watching her demise broadcasted on national television. To understand the extent that Rachel's business tragedy affected life for herself and her family, and to learn how she overcame it, read Business Nightmares now.

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