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The Autism Prophecies

How an Evolution of Healers and Intuitives is Influencing Our Spiritual Future

by William Stillman

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The Autism Prophecies

Book Formats and Details

  • Paperback
    Publication Date 4/20/2010
    ISBN 9781601631169
    Retail Price $14.99
    Trim Size 6 x 9 in
    Page Count 208
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    Rights Sold German (World)


"In The Autism Prophecies, William Stillman reveals more startling truths about evolution, the future of our planet, and what the rapidly growing community of (autistic) individuals is really here to teach us."
Sandra Sedgbeer, editor in chief, Inspired Parenting and Children of the New Earth magazines

"From his unique personal perspective and research...William Stillman presents a provocative case for autistic individuals often possessing special ways of knowing that border on the psychic and spiritual."
Sally Rhine Feather, PhD, executive director, Rhine Research Center

It is estimated that every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism. No one knows why cases of autism are increasing worldwide. In The Autism Prophecies, award-winning author William Stillman, who is someone on the autism spectrum himself, completes his spiritual trilogy by revealing the truth about autism and its purpose.

In this intriguing book, you will learn:

  • How "impossible" gifts such as mind control and speaking unknown languages could be occurring in some people with autism.
  • How parents can distinguish their child's spiritual interactions from behavior that might be mislabeled as hallucinatory-- and unduly medicated.
  • How the wisdom of many people with autism may help us to prepare for future hardships and an impending renaissance of civility, respect, and compassion.

  • About the Author

    William Stillman is an autism spectrum self-advocate, consultant, speaker, and author of the ground-breaking books The Soul of Autism and Autism and the God Connection, the latter being the first study of the profound spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical gifts of some people with autism. His other books include The Autism Answer Book, Empowered Autism Parenting, and Demystifying the Autistic Experience. Stillman also writes columns for The Autism Perspective and Children of the New Earth magazines. He lives in Pennsylvania. For further information

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