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Trust, Inc.

How to Create a Business Culture That Will Ignite Passion, Engagement, and Innovation

by Nan S. Russell

Career Press

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  • engagement
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Trust, Inc.

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  • Paperback
    Publication Date 11/25/2013
    ISBN 9781601632852
    Retail Price $15.99
    Trim Size 5.25 x 8.25 in
    Page Count 256
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"Trust, Inc. really challenged me to reflect on my own perceptions of trust, understand the needs of others, create a framework to build stronger genuine relationships (both personally and professionally), and be a more effective leader!"
--Jeffrey Buell, vice president, customer experience, Comcast

"Nan gets to the foundational core of why employees disengage in today's workforce. She's outlined a simple and powerful approach for employers on how to reengage their most valuable asset. This is a must read for all employers who want to impact their bottom line."
--Mora McCarthy, business resource consultant, Montana Dept. of Labor & Industry, Workforce Services Division

"I would trust Nan Russell to drive 'My Bus,' with myself and all of my team with me, to anywhere in the world."
--Diane Hennessy, store manager, Macy's Leadership award winner

"Nan has a way of giving real-life, practical examples anyone can relate to, and helps you come to your own insights by seeing an experience through her reflections."
--Eleanor Gathany, GPHR, senior regional HR leader, Amazon

This is a difficult time to be a leader. The majority of employees are disengaged, their discretionary efforts tamed, passions for work fleeting, and ideas tethered.

None of this needs to stop you. You can create a workplace where engagement, passion, and great work thrives.

If you're someone's boss, whatever your level or role, you can use these trust essentials to:

  • Create your own Trust, Inc.--a thriving pocket where engagement and results flourish
  • Be a trusted leader people work with, for, and around--with passion and enthusiasm
  • Enhance your leadership future using "what-does-it-look-like?" approaches and "how-does-it-happen?" tips, exercises, and insights

    Don't let what you can't do affect what you can. Trust, Inc. gives you real-world ways to create, nurture, and sustain authentic trust in your work group.

  • About the Author

    Nan S. Russell has shared her workplace insights and practical wisdom with a wide variety of people, from coal miners and Navy engineers to college students and senior leaders at nonprofits and Fortune 100 corporations, igniting passions, crystallizing thinking, and changing results. She's a national speaker, consultant, and radio host, the award-winning author of Hitting Your Stride, a blogger for, and the job-loss recovery expert for Her column, "Winning at Working," can be found in more than 90 publications. Nan has a B.A. from Stanford University and an M.A. from the University of Michigan. She lives with her husband in northwestern Montana.

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