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Find Your Bliss

Break Free of Self-Imposed Boundaries and Embrace a New World of Possibilities

by J.P. Hansen

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  • happiness
  • self-esteem
  • bliss
  • self-imposed
  • boundaries
Find Your Bliss

Book Formats and Details

  • Paperback
    Publication Date 11/23/2015
    ISBN 9781632650184
    Retail Price $15.99
    Trim Size 5.25 x 8.25 in
    Page Count 256
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    Rights Available World
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We celebrate thinking outside the box, but why is there a box in the first place? That box hinders your natural ability to live the blissful life of your dreams. In Find Your Bliss, bestselling and award-winning author J.P. Hansen draws from his successful life-coaching business to provide insight that empowers you to recognize your limitations, then break free of them.

Many of us struggle to find meaning in life, yet resist the changes that might help us discover it. Find Your Bliss will help you identify barriers to happiness, then provide proven techniques to recognize and overcome resistance. In addition to real-life examples, it uses the author's Six Spokes of Bliss and Ten Steps to Break Free.

Find Your Bliss is not only inspiring; it offers practical advice on transforming your struggles in life into everyday bliss. Meaningful happiness is your birthright; this book will help you rediscover yours.


About the Author

J.P. Hansen, whom Omaha Magazine dubbed the "Ambassador of Bliss," is an award-winning, bestselling author of four books, a professional speaker, a life coach, and CEO of an executive search company. For the past 21 years, he has helped thousands of people find their dream jobs. Hansen has appeared as a career expert on FoxNews, various talk shows, CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX affiliates, on numerous radio programs, and in publications including Reader's Digest, the Los Angeles Times, and Fortune. Hansen writes and lives in Omaha, Nebraska; Hilton Head Island; and the Sierra Mountains.

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