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Monster Needs a Costume

A Monster & Me Book

by Paul Czajak, illustrated by Wendy Grieb

Mighty Media Press

  • picture book
  • monsters
  • halloween
Monster Needs a Costume

Book Formats and Details

  • Hardcover
    Pub Date 9/3/2013
    ISBN 978-1-938063-09-1
    Retail Price $16.95
    Trim Size 10 x 10 in
    Page Count 32
    Image Count Throughout
    Reading Level Ages 2 to 6
    Rights Available World
    Rights Sold
  • ePub
    Publication Date 9/3/2013
    ISBN 978-1-938063-07-7
    Retail Price $10.95
    Trim Size N/A
    Page Count N/A
    Image Count Throughout
    Reading Level Ages 2 to 6
    Rights Available World
    Rights Sold


It’s almost Halloween, and Monster needs to decide what he’s going to be. With so many options—a fireman, a ballerina, a cowboy, a ninja—how will he ever decide?

In this playful, rhyming story, Monster shows young readers that sometimes being creative and daring to try something new are the best solutions.


What to wear for trick-or-treating? The perennial dilemma stumps Monster, who takes costume suggestions from a helpful boy, who narrates this rhyming tale. Czajak tells the story in rollicking verse that propels readers through a trial-and-error process. …Kids will grin at the huge 20-gallon hat, the exhausting dance moves and Monster’s complete incompetence at stealth. …Given the jaunty flow of the story and the humorous details on every page, put this at the top of the list for unscary options come October.
- Kirkus Reviews

First-timers Czajak and Grieb pair up for a gently funny story about a boy and his furry blue monster …Czajak’s rhymes give the story energy and humor, as do Grieb’s digital caricatures, which emphasize the comedy of Monster’s cowboy ambitions and attempts to be a stealthy ninja—not easy when “he’s nearly nine feet tall.” Outside-the-box thinkers should enjoy the lighthearted ending, as Monster proves that sometimes one costume isn’t enough.
- Publishers Weekly

The rhymes, quite obviously, are bouncy and irreverent, and just as much heck is raised by Grieb’s cartoony illustrations of the enormous, blue, horned beast with the happy underbite as he cavorts around the home before dropping from exhaustion.
- Booklist

The bouncy rhymes and childlike enthusiasm of the monster in this story—plus his silly ultimate costume decision—are sure to get young kids giggling.
- Brian Lies, author of Bats at the Ball Game

About the Author

Paul Czajak spent 20 years as a chemist & knew his creativity could no longer be contained. Living in Massachusetts with his wife & two little monsters, Paul looks forward to sharing his stories for years to come.

Wendy Grieb is a professional working in the LA animation industry. She is also an Annie Award winning storyboard artist, who has worked for companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Sony, and more.

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