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Questions Couples Ask Behind Closed Doors

How to Take Action on the Most Common Conflicts in Marriage

by James Osterhaus


  • family & relationships
  • military families *
  • conflict resolution
  • marriage, self-help, therapy, counseling, wedding, couples, family, parenting
Questions Couples Ask Behind Closed Doors

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  • Paperback
    Publication Date 11/4/2014
    ISBN 9781939629371
    Retail Price $18.95
    Trim Size 6.00 x 9.00 in
    Page Count 256
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The "What is 'healthy'?" question is just one of many questions couples have asked me over and over again in my counseling practice. The typical couples I've counseled have again and again asked, “Why do we get into so much conflict over the same issues?” “How can we learn to trust each other?” “Who leads?” “What do we do with in-laws?” and a whole host of other questions. Noted marriage therapist and executive coach Jim Osterhaus takes the 18 top questions he’s been asked the most and answers them for you in this book. Each chapter stands on its own as couples search for answers to the challenges they face. After many of the chapters, you will find very helpful, practical tips to help you understand your relationship better, and begin the process of making it more fulfilling.


About the Author

James Osterhaus (PhD American University) is a founding partner and consultant for TAG. A psychologist and executive coach. James has authored numerous books and is called upon to speak around the world.

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